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Patch Cord | Lan Cable Manufacturer - Cable-Master

Located in Taiwan, Cable Master Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the prime cable manufacturers since 1983 in Wire and Cable Industry.

UL, CSA and ETL certified and performs in accordance with applicable TIA / EIA and ISO / IEC specifications, Cable-Master provides a wide selection of lan cable and patch cords, including ethernet cable, cat 5 cable, network cable, structure cabling, modular plug, keystone jack and more.

Cable-Master has been offering customers high quality patch cords and lan cables. Both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Cable-Master ensures each customer's demands are met.

Fraud Prevention

Cable Master Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Detailed Fraud Prevention Protocol


Authentication of Official Correspondence:
Verify all communications originate from our official domain: "" Any communication from alternative domains should be treated as potentially fraudulent.

Website Security and Verification:
Access our services exclusively through our official website, secured with HTTPS protocol at “”. This ensures that all your transactions and interactions are secure and encrypted.

Recognizing Fraudulent Actions:
Fraudsters may attempt to impersonate Cable Master by spoofing email addresses and creating fake websites that resemble ours. They might contact you with urgent requests to change banking details or personal information under the guise of legitimate business needs.

Safeguarding Against Bank Fraud:
Be extremely cautious with any requests to change bank account information. Such requests are uncommon and should be verified through multiple channels before any action is taken. Always cross-verify with known company contacts via telephone or face-to-face if possible.

Detecting Email Scams:
Examine the sender's email address closely. Scammers often use email addresses that mimic legitimate contacts but with minor alterations. Any email that does not exactly match our official domains should be considered suspicious.

Procedure in Case of Suspected Fraud:
If you suspect fraudulent activity, do not respond directly. Instead, report the incident to our dedicated fraud prevention team. Document all communications and maintain any evidence for further investigation.

Importance of Reporting Fraudulent Incidents:
Reporting suspected scams helps protect your interests and assists in our efforts to combat cyber threats. It also aids in improving security measures and reduces the potential impact on other clients and the company itself.

Education and Awareness:
Stay informed about the latest phishing techniques and security protocols by regularly visiting our official news and updates page. Education is your first line of defense against cyber fraud.